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Replacement Remote Control for TV and Cable/Satellite box

Works most Sharp, Mitsubishi or Samsung TVs

TV-Cable-Satellite Remote Control

MR357 One Remote Operates 3 Different TV Brands

• No programming, no codes, it just works (for TV).
• Operates your TV just like your original TV remote.
• Works most Sharp, Mitsubishi or Samsung TVs
1988 through 2011 - just flick the switch.

• Automatically programs your remote for cable
box or satellite without entering any codes.
All you need to do is activate code search
and it works automatically to find the code.
This remote control will operate most cable and satellite boxes
including Comcast cable box, Optimum cable box, Dish satellite box, etc.

Features (Feature will only work if found on your TV)
  • Input
  • Prev. Ch.
  • Lock/Release
  • 100/Dash
  • Pic Size
  • Info/Display
  • Enter
  • Menu/Exit
  • HDTV Ch
  • RTN/Exit
  • Pic Mode
  • Audio
  • Bright
  • Surr
  • Ant
  • Sleep
  • CC/MTS
  • Guide
  • Full PIP keys
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This is not an original Sharp®, Mitsubishi® or Samsung® product.
Will not operate TV/VCR or TV/DVD Combo units.