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DYN100 Remote control programming

Programming your Remote

  1. Manually turn on the TV.
  2. Press and hold the CODE SEARCH key until the LED blinks and remains on, then release the button.
  3. Find your 3-digit code from the code table and enter it. After the code is entered the indicator light will turn off and you are done.

NOTE: If the LED blinked rapidly when you entered the code you may have entered an invalid code; recheck the code list and try again. Also if volume and channel functions do not work then you do not have an exact code match and please try another code.

  1. Enter your code here for reference …………

To return to Factory Setting (Pre-programmed for a specific brand)
1.   Press CODE SEARCH and hold until LED stays on.
2.   Press CC


Programming your Remote using code search.

If the code for your TV is not listed or you cannot get the TV to respond try the following:

Code identification


Sleep mode
This remote has an internal timer so even if your TV does not have sleep feature, it will work.

Note new feature:
Code is stored even without batteries in the remote.