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Replacement remote control for Mitsubishi TV

Works all functions of your original remote control

Mitsubish type-replacement remote control

MR150 works Mitsubishi TVs • No Programming Required

Full function replacement remote for Mitsubishi® TV’s made since 1988.

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This is not an original Mitsubishi® product. Works Mitsubishi® TV’s only.
Will not operate TV/VCR or TV/DVD Combo units.

Features will only work if found on your TV, (i.e. if your TV does not
support SLEEP function, SLEEP button on the remote will not work)

‪3S120231, 3S120281, 290P004010, 290P004B1, 290P004B10, 290P004040, 290P005040, 290P005A4, 290P005A40, 290P005050, 290P005B5, 290P005B50, 290P005060, 290P005A60, 290P025010, 290P025020, 290P025A20, 290P025030, 290P025A3, 290P025A30, 290P032010, 290P032A1, 290P032A10, 290P032020, 290P032A2, 290P032A20, 290P034010, 290P034B10, 290P034020, 290P034B2, 290P034B20, 290P034030, 290P034A3, 290P034A30, 290P034040, 290P034B4, 290P034B40, 290P035010, 290P035B10, 290P035020, 290P035030, 290P035B3, 290P035B30, 290P035040, 290P035B4, 290P035B40, 290P035050, 290P035B5, 290P035B50, 290P059010, 290P059A1, 290P059A10, 290P059020, 290P066010, 290P066A10, 290P066020, 290P066-B20, 290P066B20, 290P066030, 290P066-B30, 290P066B30, 290P068010, 290P068A10, 290P068-B10, 290P068B10, 290P068C10, 290P068020, 290P068A20, 290P068-B20, 290P068B20, 290P068C20, 290P068030, 290P068A30, 290P068-B30, 290P068B30, 290P068C30, 290P080010, 290P080A10, 290P080B10, 290P080-C10, 290P080C10, 290P080020, 290P080A20, 290P080B20, 290P080C20, 290P08C020, 290P08CA20, 290P08CB20, 290P08CC20, 290P080030, 290P080A30, 290P080B30, 290P080-C30, 290P080C30, 290P080060, 290P080-A60, 290P080A60, 290P080B60, 290P080C60, 290P094010, 290P094A10, 290P094B10, 290P094C10, 290P094020, 290P094A20, 290P094B20, 290P094C20, 290P098010, 290P098A10, 290P098B10, 290P098C10, 290P098020, 290P098A20, 290P098B20, 290P098C20, 290P098030, 290P098A30, 290P098B30, 290P098C30, 290P098040, 290P098A40, 290P098B40, 290P098C40, 290P098050, 290P098A50, 290P098B50, 290P098C50, 290P0980A0, 290P098AA0, 290P098BA0, 290P098CA0, 290P103010, 290P103A10, 290P103B10, 290P103C10, 290P103020, 290P103A20, 290P103B20, 290P103C20, 290P103030, 290P103A30, 290P103B30, 290P103C30, 290P103040, 290P103A40, 290P103B40, 290P103C40, 290P106010, 290P106A10, 290P106B10, 290P106C10, 290P109010, 290P109A10, 290P109B10, 290P109C10, 290P111010, 290P111A10, 290P111B10, 290P111C10, 290P111D10, 290P111020, 290P111A20, 290P111B20, 290P111C20, 290P116010, 290P116A10, 290P116B10, 290P116C10, 290P116020, 290P116A20, 290P116B20, 290P116C20, 290P117010, 290P117A10, 290P117B10, 290P117C10, 290P118010, 290P118A10, 290P118B10, 290P118C10, 290P118020, 290P118A20, 290P118B20, 290P118C20, 290P118030, 290P118A30, 290P118B30, 290P118C30, 290P122010, 290P122A10, 290P122B10, 290P122C10, 290P122020, 290P122A20, 290P122B20, 290P122C20, 290P123010, 290P123A10, 290P123B10, 290P123C10, 290P123020, 290P123A20, 290P123B20, 290P123C20, 290P124010, 290P124A10, 290P124B10, 290P124C10, 290P137010, 290P137A10, 290P137B10, 290P137C10, 290P137020, 290P137A20, 290P137B20, 290P137C20, 290P137040, 290P137A40, 290P137B40, 290P137C40, 290P175010, 290P175A10, 290P175B10, 290P175C10, 290P175020, 290P175A20, 290P175B20, 290P175C20, 290P187010, 290P187040, 290P187A10, 290P187B10, 290P187C10, 290P187020, 290P187A20, 290P187B20, 290P187C20, 483501557167, 6710V00129A, 7A930037, 79PQ6596, 79PQ6618, 939P005010, 939P033C8, 939P109010, 939P153090, 939P196010, 939P196A1, 939P196A10, 939P196020, 939P196A2, 939P196A20, 939P240010, 939P240040, 939P245010, 939P245A1, 939P245A10, 939P245030, 939P245050, 939P245B5, 939P245B50, 939P254010, 939P254B10, 939P254030, 939P254050, 939P254B5, 939P254B50, 939P302010, 939P302020, 939P302040, 939P302A1, 939P302B4, 939P302B40, 939P308010, 939P308B1, 939P308B10, 939P308020, 939P308A2, 939P308A20, 939P308040, 939P317050, 939P317B5, 939P317B50, 939P339010, 939P339060, 939P347010, 939P347030, 939P347050, 939P347070, 939P355010, 939P355030, 939P355050, 939P355060, 939P355070, 939P355A7, 939P355A70, 939P355090, 939P398010, 939P398B1, 939P398B10, 939P398050, 939P3985, 939P398060, 939P398070, 939P398A7, 939P398A70, 939P434A30, 939P434010, 939P434A1, 939P434A10, 939P434030, 939P434A3, 939P434A30, 939P588010, HRMC6, RRMCG1125CESB, RRMCG1129CESA, G1129CESA, RRMCG1134CESA, G1134CESA, RRMCG1166PESA, G1166PESA, RRMCG1166PESB, RRMCG1361MESA, RC9313, RRMCG1362MESA, RC9312, RM-PDP5, , ‬